Management and Accounting

Ivory Global Management can assist you in the management and operation of your company. : We have excelled in management and accounting positions across various industries including Hospitality, Banking, Construction, Insurance, Food & Beverage, Retail and Information Technology. We offer administrative and accounting support, personnel management, website management, and strategy consulting.

Administrative Support

Our administrative support services include office management, word processing, communication flow, data management, management of special projects, meeting planning and travel planning.

Accounting Support

We maintain your accounting records, conduct reconciliations, manage payment of invoices, collection of income, invoicing, VAT filing and payroll processing.

Personnel Management

We will create a staffing schedule for your business and assist in identifying and training required personnel.

Website Management

As an extension of our company management services we can also manage your e-presence. We offer website and social media design and management services to ensure that your company’s online presence is as effective as your physical location.


We offer Strategy Consulting and Marketing consulting services, working with you to develop strategies that deliver results and maximize earning power.

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