years entertainment and event management
We have managed artists, entertainment departments, resorts and clubs and have played significant roles in founding and executing major festivals in the Caribbean.


years Marketing and Broadcast experience
We have successfully managed marketing and media campaigns/events for Nike, Starbucks, BET, NYC Schools, US Department of Education and Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.


years management and accounting experience
We have excelled in management and accounting positions across various industries including Hospitality, Entertainment, Marketing, Banking, Construction, Insurance, Food & Beverage, Information Technology and Retail.
On behalf of the Government of The Bahamas and the BNFC Commissioners, allow me to congratulate and thank you and your dedicated staff for, once again, mounting a highly successful and enjoyable Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival. Noticeably, there were more tourists; there were virtually no complaints from vendors and artists and from all estimates that i am hearing, it seems as though there were more participants and spectators and, above all, we came in within budget.  I might also add that once again there were no reported violence or criminal incidents. We would not have enjoyed the level of success that we did without you and your team's committed and tireless efforts. A hearty thanks to you all as we now look forward to planning for the 2017 big show.
Our team has been very impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness of your entire team as we worked together to create something special and memorable.
The music business dictates an ability to be flexible, aggressive, creative and most importantly, responsible and dedicated. Mr. Dames exudes these qualities along with strong communication skills and the acumen to multi-task in an environment that is ever-changing.
I am often amazed at the enormous amount of responsibilities Mr. Dames juggles and how he is able to manage them with a high level of energy and positive demeanor. Mr. Dames ability to effectively communicate project objectives, organization skills and initiative have assisted in completing projects in record breaking time, saving thousands of dollars.
….highly recommend your services to anyone needing entertainment, event planning and production services…  
Mr. Dames was able to improve the various organizational aspects of Three Keys Music that he was placed in charge of . His actions were able to improve efficiency, better monitoring of finances and inventory, and improved flow of information and project coordination within the office. The projects that Mr. Dames acted as project manager on benefited from his attention to detail and thorough organizational habits.

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